VIDEO: Watch how dancing has changed James Hobley's life on 'Autism, Disco and Me'

James Hobley

11-year-old James Hobley has suffered with autism throughout his short life, but when his mum took him to a dance class his life changed forever. The youngster wowed the Britain’s Got Talent panel last night and had many people in tears with his story, read on for a clip where James Hobley himself explains how dancing has changed his life...

The youngster has previously appeared on BBC Three documentary 'Autism, Disco and Me' which followed the schoolboy and his passion for dance.


Three years ago, James Hobley couldn't read or write and was happier playing with his cats than talking to his family.

Then, aged eight, he discovered disco dancing and his life changed forever.

Within months he was reading and writing and winning dance competitions. Now he wants to be known as James the amazing dancer, not James the boy with autism. He's competing for the world title in disco at Blackpool's Tower Ballroom.

James appeared on last night's Britain’s Got Talent 2011 where he received a standing ovation from all the judges and the 3,000 strong audience - as well as a pass through to the next round of auditions.

Watch James' emotional story below...

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