Watch The Voice UK winner Mo Adeniran's journey from blind audition to the final

Here's a full recap of The Voice UK 2017 winner Mo Adeniran's journey from his first blind audition to the final.

Mo appeared on the first episode of this year's show where his cover of Iron Sky got all four coaches spinning.

Mo was installed as the favourite to win from that point on and went all the way to the final last weekend where he triumphed over Into The Ark in the public vote.

Now ITV has shared a 10 minute video, reliving Mo's journey and performances from his first to the last.

The clip comes ahead of a special Winner's Story TV show which will air next weekend on the channel.


The one off hour special will air at 6PM on April, 16 on ITV.

The episode will not only look at Mo's story on the show but also after, including his work on his winner's EP which is expected to be out the same weekend.

"They are filming my winner's documentary as we speak right now!" Mo said this week. "It’s not too weird as I’ve been on a TV show for a few months now – another week of cameras won’t hurt me.

"I believe the show is mainly going to be about the journey from winning The Voice to recording and release the EP, and then what’s next. I’m looking forward to it."


Speaking to the Official Charts website, Mo went on: "Sound-wise, I’m not going for any one particular vibe, genre or style. For me, I tend to go for the feeling or the emotion that I want to give out. Sticking to one genre can limit your creativity and I think that could get a bit tedious and boring over time. I don’t want to pigeonhole myself."

The Voice Winner's Story, April 16 at 6PM on ITV