Toadie's current plot in ''Neighbours'' came as result of joke, reveals Ryan Moloney

Ryan Moloney has revealed that his current Neighbours plot came courtesy of a joke he made at a meeting with the writers. The actor who has played Jarrod ''Toadfish'' Rebecchi better known as Toadie for more than 15 years revealed that the storyline playing out on UK screens at the minute came about after he jokingly suggested that Toadie's partner Sonya Mitchell (Eve Morey) could turn out to be the mother of his adoptive son Callum Jones (Morgan Baker).

In an interview with Inside Soap, Moloney revealed that the storyline was due to his sarcastic statement. Viewers in the UK will see Toadie find out that his partner Sonya abandoned Callum as a child leaving her grandmother to look after the young lad as she fell into a spiral of drug addiction. Viewers discovered that Callum was Sonya's son quite some time ago however the reisdents of Ramsay Street will only begin to discover the truth in next week's dramatic episodes.

Talking to the British soap magazine, Moloney said: ''I remember meeting the writers and laughing that Sonya might turn out to be the real mother of Toadie's adoptive son Callum. A few weeks later, they sat us down and told us they were planning to do just that. I could only think to myself, 'Oh no, here we go!'''

Continuing on with the interview, Moloney praised his co-star Morey for her professionalism when filming the scenes adding: ''I love Eve - she's an awesome actress! We set out to create a good relationship between Toadie and Sonya, and I like to think we succeeded - even if the pair of them are set to go through a rough patch for a while!''

The fact that the humourous suggestion turned out to be a real storyline, it shows that the writers for the Australian soap which airs over here on C5 do take the actors' views on board. Thank god he didn't suggest something rediculous like a character getting washed out at sea and turning up with amnesia 5 years later or a dog dreaming of getting married to another dog. What's that? Both of those suggestions happened during the 80's and 90's? Oh, never mind. Just watch this promo for next week's episodes!

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