Michelle Collin's character to clash with Tracy Barlow when she makes her Weatherfield entrance in a few months

MichelleEx-Eastender turned Coronation Street star Michelle Collins' Corrie entrance has been revealed. The actress who is set to play new bar manager Stella on the ITV soap will make her entrance in June alongside her husband Karl, played by Taggart actor John Michie and her as yet uncast daughter Mia. The surname of the new family is yet to be revealed.

As we reported earlier this month, the actress will be stepping into the shoes of recently departed Liz Mc Donald (Beverly Callard) as Steve Mc Donald (Simon Gregson) hires her as the new manager of the Rovers Return. However, she's no sooner there before she's clashing with bar staff, more specifically superbitch Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) who is on the recieving end of a catty put-down from the new pub employee.

Dressed provocatively, toxic Tracy is less than impressed when Stella bluntly tells her: ''I'm sorry, Tracy, but you'll have to change that dress before you come bar-side. We don't want customers thinking they've walked into a brothel, do we?'' The honest remark is sure to go down well with Tracy's arch-nemesis Becky Mc Donald (Katherine Kelly) who would be only too pleased to hear Tracy's dress sense being critcized.

A source for the ITV soap which last night hit a year low of 5.9m viewers said: ''Tracy is spitting blood. She can't believe she's been so stupid. And to add insult to injury, she's got a new enemy in Stella.'' Viewers will be glad to know that Stella is tamer than Michelle's previous character in Eastenders, legendary super-bitch Cindy Beale but rest assured that she won't let her bone go to the dog, Tracy has met her match well and truely in Stella.

The situation comes about after Steve outwits Tracy, getting her to sign a contact which she believes is giving her the manager's job at the pub, unbeknown to her however, it is in fact a contract giving him almost full custody of their daughter Amy. Revealing his tactics, Steve casually informs Tracy of the contract she has signed telling her: ''Oh, I'm really sorry for any misunderstanding but I've decided to give the job to someone else.''

Viewers can see the antics play out on screen in June but just incase you can't wait to see Michelle rocking up on the street, here's a little taster video of Michelle's best bits as Cindy in Eastenders.