Watch Celebrity Big Brother housemates take on bizarre bread task

The Celebrity Big Brother 2017 housemates took on another wacky challenge in the house yesterday.

After the tears and drama of the letters from home task, which was followed by a nasty chilli challenge, yesterday saw the group go head to head in Big Brother's bakery.

Housemates were called two at a time into the task room where they were surrounded by bread. Loafs, rolls, baps, baguettes, the whole lot.

The celebs were partnered up as follows:

Nicola v Half of Jedward
Coleen v Jessica
Calum v Bianca
Heidi v The second half of Jedward
James v Spencer
Kim v Jamie


Big Brother explained to each pair: "Shortly Big Brother will ask you a question. All you must do is search for the correct answer written beneath a baked good in Big Brother's Bakery."

"Oh s**t," reacted Calum on realising what the needle in the haystack task would involve.

Big Brother continued: "Once you have found an answer you believe to be correct, you must ring the reception bell located on the work station. Whenever a housemate rings a bell, the other housemate must stop searching until Big Brother has confirmed whether the answer is correct or incorrect."

And before the celebs got any funny ideas, Big Brother added: "Housemates are not permitted to throw any of the baked goods at each other during the task."

You can watch a clip of the task above.

The highlights and results are expected to air in tonight's Celebrity Big Brother at 9PM on Channel 5.