Celebrity Big Brother: Watch 'shocking' task that was cut from tonight's show

The Celebrity Big Brother housemates got some 'shocking surprises' in the house yesterday.

Yes, those electric shock pads used on pretty much every series over the past decade were back again.

In a task that was cut out from tonight's highlights, Big Brother gathered the housemates in the task room to reveal details of their latest challenge.

Big Brother announced: "Housemates, for today's task you must work together to rate yourselves in a series of line ups in a variety of categories.

"As Big Brother viewers voted Kim and Stacy the most judgemental housemates, they must guess what the category is based on where you have rated yourselves."


Big Brother then revealed: "Every time Kim and Stacy make an incorrect judgement you will all receive a shocking surprise."

Kim and Stacy did not take part in the task and were instead replaced by a placeholder pictures.

And it seems as though the duo got an easy ride as tried to agree on answers for the questions posed by Big Brother in the Diary Room.

However unknown to them, the other housemates watched the duo in the Diary Room as they branded members of the group self-obsessed, fake, stupid and lazy. Awkward.

Despite Kim and Stacy at first starting an argument with one another over the task they eventually got the answers (mostly) right and won pizza for the group.

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5 at 9PM.