Celebrity Big Brother's James Cosmo gets a Jedward makeover

James Cosmo underwent a Jedward makeover in the Celebrity Big Brother 2017 house yesterday.

And he didn't look particularly impressed.

As the housemates prepped for last night's live eviction, Jedward took it upon themselves to give James C a new look.

While Chloe Ferry branded it "sexy", James' expression suggested he wasn't that happy about it.

In the live show that followed, James went on to win a pass to the final from his fellow housemates.


Following the eviction, where Chloe had gone, all of the remaining eleven housemates were gathered in the task room and each stood behind podiums.

Big Brother explained that they would be giving away a prize of eternal immunity. This housemate would sail straight through to the final vote without facing any future evictions.

"Who this is housemates is is up to you," said Big Brother.

Housemates had 10 seconds to individually pick who they wanted the prize and with four votes, James C won the pass to the final week.

However that was not all as in a further twist, Big Brother revealed that James C had to curse another housemate with eternal nomination. This housemate will automatically face every future eviction.

James C nominated Speidi.

The fallout from that task airs in tonight's highlights show at 10:30PM on Channel 5.