Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Bear trashes the bathroom with food

Stephen Bear decided to trash the Celebrity Big Brother bathroom in the house tonight.

Seemingly still unhappy with Chloe Khan being evicted, Bear has continued to try and take it out on the other housemates, this time by causing a right mess and wasting more food.

Not long after the group's latest shopping delivery arrived, Bear decided to pour the contents of tins of soup and tomatoes all over the bathroom floor.

He said to himself as he did so: "This is my business, f**k them."

On the latest highlights show earlier tonight we saw Bear getting angry with a number of the other housemates after Chloe was evicted in Friday's live show.

Bear branded Frankie ‘two faced’ as he picked Marnie over Chloe in the twist, saying: “You are out of order! You are meant to be Chloe’s best mate in here.

"I don’t trust you as it is. And you go and do that! Bad form mate. I had to get it out there.”

Frankie replied: “We were close in the beginning…since you two had gotten together, she and I had not really spoken much at all. I love Chloe, but not enough to send Marnie home.”

Bear then had a go at Aubrey and Renee for also voting to get Chloe out of the house.

After, Renee told Big Brother in the diary room: “The mood is very light, like a weight lifted off our shoulders, people feel relieved. Bear has just realised his grip isn’t as tight as he thought it was…”

But Bear was as confident as ever.

He told Heavy D and Lewis: “I’ve been up twice and saved twice, I’m fine! It’s fate. I ain’t going nowhere mate! I’m not going to make it easy for everyone, my game is on.”

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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