Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Watch Lewis and Marnie implode over task twist

Lewis Bloor and Marnie Simpson's relationship imploded in the Celebrity Big Brother house tonight.

It follows a task which saw the selfish and selfless housemates revealed.

Big Brother asked each housemate individually if they wanted to play for themselves or for the group.

As it happened, the housemates were split half and half in their decisions.

Marnie, Frankie, Renee, Heavy D, Bear and Chloe chose the selfish option while Katie, Aubrey, Lewis, Sam, Ricky and James were the selfless housemates.

While the task itself didn't cause rows, Lewis' decision to - err - be selfless angered Marnie.

She was peeved that Lewis could have thrown away the chance to save her from eviction if it had been part of the task (it wasn't).

"I feel you chose them over me," she said to Lewis about his choice to play for the house.

He replied: "I knew it was not going to be a save for you."

Marnie replied: "I find that hard to believe."

As a shouting match ensued and Big Brother turned even more into an episode of Geordie Shore, Lewis stormed off to the store room.

"I knew in my mind there was not a 1% chance of the prize being to save you," Lewis claimed.

But Marnie wasn't having any of it: "Why would you pick them over the chance to save me?"

She concluded: "It hurt my feelings, it really did."

Watch the full row in the video above!

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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