Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Frankie Grande and Grant Bovey SNOG

Frankie Grande and Grant Bovey SNOGGED in the Celebrity Big Brother house tonight.

However this wasn't a new showmance or a last ditch attempt by Grant to avoid eviction on Friday, just part of the ongoing shopping task.

For this week's first shopping challenge of the series, the house has been divided into two groups: The Artificials and The Humans. Each Artificial is assigned a human to take care of and perform duties for.

The group who is successful passing the majority of the tasks will win a luxury shopping budget, and the loosing team will receive an economy shop.

For the first part of the shopping task, The Humans and The Artificials went head-to-head in an intelligence test while in the second task today the two sides competed in a game of 'virtual catch'.

For this latest challenge, each group was given a list of emotions that they needed to evoke from their rival team, who had to do their best to not react and stay completely emotionless.

The humans, it has to be said, pretty much flopped if this video is anything to go by.

The artificials on the other went all out - quite literally.

Chloe Khan whipped out her not-so-secret weapons while Grant and Frankie tried to shock the humans with a passionate kiss, and it certainly got a reaction.

Watch the video above for all!

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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