Big Brother 2016: Watch Jayne Connery and Hughie Maughan go 'cray' in a secret task

Jayne Connery got a secret task in the Big Brother 2016 house today... but there was a twist.

Jayne was called to the Diary Room earlier and offered a special summer treat for the house.

In order to win it, she had to go full on 'cray' without the other housemates catching on she was doing a task.

Jayne didn't hold back with her craziness, first ranting about clothes and make up.

She then cried about the mess in the house and sobbed: "People are just going to think I'm so f**king boring!"

Moving to the bedroom in 'tears', Jayne then raged on her bed about only getting a message from her friends and not her family in yesterday's letters from home task.

However, half way through Jayne's secret challenge, Hughie was called to the Diary Room and set the exact same 'cray' task.

He left and immediately set up a clash with Jayne as the pair began shouting at one another over the mess in the house.

A 'fuming' Hughie then trashed the kitchen, including pouring soda everywhere, shouting at Jayne: "Clean this up why don't you!"

Jason eventually had enough of the shenanigans and told Hughie to go to the Diary Room, as the other housemates looked on with confused laughter.

Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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