Big Brother 2016: Watch as letters from home cause a LOT of tears

There were a lot of emotions on show in the Big Brother 2016 house this evening as the group were rewarded with letters from home.

After a new task, Big Brother gathered the group at the sofas for a surprise.

"This is Big Brother, housemates, tonight you will all receive letters from home," Big Brother told the group to cheers.

There were none of the twists we've seen in recent series ("SHRED SHRED SHRED!!", anyone?) as instead Big Brother handed over all of the messages from loved ones, no questions asked.

One at a time, each housemate received a letter and had to ask another housemate to read it aloud for them.

Andy read out a letter to Laura from her dad while Jackson read out a letter from Evelyn's friend, who told her to get out of her shell more and 'get Alex'.

Alex's family wrote him a letter which was read out by Sam before Andy read out Jackson's letter from his mum, who spoke of his son.

Jason in particular got teary eyed as Andy read out a letter from his dad next, who sent his love.

"He's never written to me before," sobbed Jason as he embraced Andy.

All of the letters from home and the fallout will air on Thursday night's show at 10PM on Channel 5.

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