Big Brother 2016: Watch housemates take on 45 tasks in three minutes

The Big Brother 2016 housemates had to tackle a number of tasks in the house today as part of a new challenge.

All nine of the remaining group were called to The Other Garden for a set of tasks involving everything from bananas and tights to marshmallows and a wet fish.

On a board were nine tasks.

One housemate at a time had to select one of the tasks to complete the sentence, "I went onto Big Brother and I..."

However there was a twist in that each housemate had to not only complete the task they chose but to complete each of the tasks the housemates before them had done.

So while the one that went first had it easy, those who were later in the running order had a lot to do.

You can watch the results above but this is what happened...

Jayne was lucky to go first and only had to pour gunge on her head.

Hughie had to pour gunge on his head then rinse his hair in Big Brother's disgusting 'shampoo'.

Alex had to do all of the above and eat a banana through tights.

Evelyn had to do all of the above and eat seven marshmallows at once before saying who is the most greedy housemate.

Laura had to do all of the above and and pop water balloons with her hands

Jackson had to do all of the above and slap his least favourite housemate across the head with a fish.

Sam had to do all of the above and brush his teeth with Big Brother's disgusting toothpaste.

Jason had to do all of the above and fill his shorts with jellied eels.

Finally, Andy had to do ALL of the tasks: All the above and lick the face of the housemate he thinks is the most attractive.

The effort was worth it as for passing the task the housemates will get a party tonight

Highlights from the task and party will air in Sunday night's show on Channel 5.

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