Big Brother 2016: Housemates kick off in row over a pool party

There was a bit of a bust up in the Big Brother 2016 house yesterday in a row over a beach party.

Having lost his balls, Big Brother caved into the housemates after removing all their food hours earlier by providing them with party treats.

In a task that was only ever going to cause drama, Ryan and Hughie were picked by Big Brother - 'cause they don't get enough screen time as it is, apparently - to organise a pool party.

However they couldn't invite everyone.

The pair invited Jayne, Charlie, Sam, Jackson and Lateysha but banned Evelyn, Laura, Andy, Alex, Chelsea and Jason.

This caused a divide in the group although it was less about not getting invited and more regarding why they weren't invited.

Hughie claimed: "We thought you could put up with not going."

This prompted Alex - yes, Alex - to react: "F**king bollocks, people who moan get to go and people who don't miss out."

Andy agreed: "Why don't you say 'We've chosen the people we get a long with best'"

Cue Hughie exploding: "Because that's rubbish!"

He then advised Ryan not to get involved: "Don't let him wind you up, that's what he wants, it's his own way of getting air time, he's desperate."

Ryan, Hughie and their guests went on to enjoy their pool party, including music and food, in the garden while the rest were locked in the rest of the house for the afternoon.

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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