Big Brother 2016: Shock for Laura Carter as ex-boyfriend joins the house

Laura Carter got a shock in the Big Brother house tonight as her ex-boyfriend joined.

Earlier this afternoon, Big Brother revealed the house's latest shopping challenge where housemates must win enough 'loyalty points' to pass.

However they'll be faced with all sorts of rewards and temptations in the process, testing their loyalty to the group.

Over the next three days at random points, groups of housemates will be called to The Other Garden and stand up in pods. Big Brother will then reveal what's on offer if they turn.

If they hit their buzzer to spin they'll spend points, but if they don't turn around they'll win points.

For the latest round, Emma, Laura, Andy and Evelyn were called into the other garden by BB.

Big Brother then explained: "Housemates, just behind you are three handsome gentleman whom you may know and love.

"If you choose to press the button you will get to share a romantic meal, however that is not all. If you turn around you will also get to spend the night with these dream boats in the other house."

The men then introduced themselves as Andy's boyfriend, Emma's partner and Laura's former flame.

All three pressed their buttons leading to tearful and, in Laura's case, stunned, reactions.

Laura's ex Bernardo told her: "I crossed an ocean to see you. press that button"

"Oh my God," reacted Laura as she spun around.

Hyperventilating, she spluttered: "What the hell?! How you are here?!"

The trio then sat down for their romantic meals before a night of luxury in The Other House.

As for poor Evelyn she found herself in the most extreme case of third wheeling ever...

You can watch a clip from the task above and tune in to Big Brother on Monday night for the full reaction.

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