Big Brother 2016 housemates in tears and shock after Georgina's eviction

The Big Brother house could end up flooding again tonight if the amount of tears being produced is anything to go by.

Georgina Leigh Cantwell left BBUK tonight in an emotional exit having faced the public vote against Andy West, Jayne Connery and Evelyn Ellis.

With the most votes to be evicted Georgina left the house earlier this evening, breaking into tears as Emma broke the news.

The result shocked the house as Georgina and Jackson Blyton had a tearful embrace while Lateysha Grace and Sam Giffen also reacted particularly badly to the news.

"I love you Jackson," shouted Georgina down the stairs before leaving for good.

Back in the house, there were a few major breakdowns.

A hyperventilating Evelyn was distraught at having 'broken up' Jackson and Georgina.

"How can I be here? How can I be here when Jackson's like that?" she spluttered and sobbed, "I don't deserve it."

After calming down a bit, she managed to finally tell the other housemates: "I feel so bad, the other day in the diary room, they asked who would I not want to go and I said 'As much as we don't get on, Georgina, because her and Jackson have something special and it would break my heart to tear them apart'"

As for Jackson, he ripped his microphone and top off before screaming at the window to the garden.

"Chill, chill," reassured Alex.

Even positive Emma was in tears following the emotional night, with the full fallout airing Saturday night from 10PM on Channel 5.

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