Big Brother 2016: The Others and The Housemates MERGE!

The Housemates and The Others have become one on Big Brother 2016.

Back on Friday, Big Brother revealed that The Others twist was coming to an end with the merger of the two houses.

But not before the two sides went to war as, over the weekend, they did battle for control.

The Others won the first task which involved all sorts of challenges ranging from downing disgusting shots to a spelling bee.

This afternoon the two groups went at it again with a brand new head to head battle and this one was physical and messy involving balls and gunge.

The Housemates won this task leaving things equal going into the final challenge where the rival teams had to unlock a series of boxes by selecting keys which corresponded to answering questions correctly about their fellow Housemates or Others.

The Housemates won and therefore are immune from the upcoming eviction and will be the only ones to nominate.

However the day wasn't over as later on, the two sides fully merged in the main house for the first time this series.

"The Others, your time in The Other House ends now, you are no longer Others, you are Housemates," Big Brother declared.

They then all moved into the main house to meet their new fellow Housemates.

Charlie immediately made a beeline for Jason, telling him that he had missed her, while there was lots of cheering as 'evicted' housemates Jackson and Alex returned to the main house.

However how long will harmony last with nominations on the horizon?

For one of the former Others, this will be the first and final week as a Housemate...

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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