Watch Big Brother 2016 housemates get pelted with fish guts and dog food

The Big Brother 2016 Housemates had to endure a tough afternoon earlier today in a new task.

In the main house, the Big Brother housemates were set a classic BB endurance challenge.

The housemates had to keep still as long as possible and were told if they kept it up for long enough, they'd pass the task and win a party in the evening.

Dressed as scarecrows, the Housemates had to keep standing while various 'punishments' were dished out at random by crows.

Punishments included dog food, soup, fishy porridge and beans being poured all over them and pies in the face.

Although there was some squirming and screams, based on the clip above a number of the HMs seemed to enjoy it all.

If 'enough' (exactly how many hasn't been revealed yet) of them are still standing by the end, they'll pass otherwise it's a fail.

What the Housemates are completely unaware of is that the 'random' punishments are actually being delivered by The Others just metres away in their house.

They had to choose just who to target and with what punishments in order to make them give up.

For The Others to win and enjoy a party of their own, they must force the Housemates to fail.

So who will come out on top? Find out in Monday night's highlights show on Channel 5 from 9PM.

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