Big Brother teases 'The Others are coming...' in new promo video

Who are the others?!

'The Others are coming' to Big Brother 2016 in a new promo revealed this evening.

Hosts Emma Willis and Rylan Clark-Neal once again appear in the latest trailer, smashing this year's eye logo.

A mysterious voice is overheard whispering: "The Other's are coming..."

It was confirmed this week that Big Brother UK will involve TWO houses this summer.

We were told that those living in the new, second house - known as "The Others" - will be plotting against the housemates to steal a spot in the main house in order to win this year's prize money.

But exactly how it will all work has yet to be explained.

Speaking on the official BBUK website earlier today, Bit On The Side's Rylan Clark-Neal spilled some more details: "This year, Big Brother's getting very, very evil and I can't wait. Because two houses means double the trouble!

"We've never ever done this before, so it's extremely exciting, it's nervewracking."

He continued: "I can't tell you too much about how the two houses are going to come into play, but the main housemates are going to have a fight on their hands."

"And The Others, as they're now known... they're going to be fighting for their place in the house, so it's going to be amazing.

"They're going to be messing with the housemates' minds as well - but as ever, you are going to be in complete control."

All is set to be revealed on this year's Big Brother launch night, Tuesday, June 7 at 9PM on Channel 5.

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