The Jump 2016! Ben Cohen takes a tumble in training

Here's a preview of how the finalists of The Jump 2016 are getting on in training.

And it's apparently not that great.

Five celebs have made it to the end of this years show, although only three of them started the series.

Sid Owen, Dean Cain and Tamara Beckwith have all lasted to the last week together with Ben Cohen and Tom Parker who were both brought in mid-series to replace injured stars that had been forced to withdraw.

This Sunday night one of them will be crowned the winner of The Jump 2016 although if this training clip is anything to go by it could be anyone's title to grab.

In the preview we see Ben taking a tumble as he hits the slopes to practice, quipping after falling over: "Who put that jump there?"

It doesn't bode all that well for tomorrow's live show...

In the final the five remaining celebs will take on a trio of events: The ultimate jump skiing course, the snow cross and then the ski jump itself.

Tom is current favourite to win the show but it may just come down to which of the five finalists can simply stay on their feet on the night.

See who wins The Jump 2016 in the final from 7:30PM, Sunday night on Channel 4.

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