Strictly Come Dancing 2015: Watch Jamelia's first steps in training

Here's a first look at how Jamelia is getting on in training for Strictly Come Dancing 2015's live shows.

Speaking before being coupled up, Jamelia said of her potential pro partner: "I want a dance partner who is patient and will make me laugh, because I like laughing and definitely someone who will be willing to push me.

"I think it is going to require a lot of hard work and all my attention but I am definitely willing to do it. I am competitive but I also feel that I need to be able to be confident and I would love to reach the final and even more, I’d love to lift the Glitter Ball trophy!"

So just how is Jamelia getting along with Tristan MacManus?

"I'm very fortunate to have such a good teacher, he's so passionate about dance and wants me to get it right," she says in this training clip. "He brings humour and that is something that is always very important to me."

As a popstar, Jamelia has some dance experience but doesn't think it'll help her too much.

She explained: "The experience I have is working with a choreographer for my pop videos but what any other pop artist will tell you, it’s a lot of smoke and mirrors.

"I wouldn't rate myself highly, I am not the most confident of dancers but I love dancing and if dancing in my kitchen counts I'm very, very experienced!"

Jamelia added: "My biggest challenge I think is going to be learning the routines. When I was doing music videos I would rehearse relentlessly because I would always forget the steps.

"So that is something I haven't done for years, so getting back to the swing of learning routines, particularly for new styles such as Salsa, I am petrified but also really looking forward to it."

The Strictly live shows begin on Friday September 25 and Saturday September 26.

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