Britain's Got Talent invited Hypno dog act to audition but it's NOT fake

Here's our chat with Britain's Got Talent's supposed hypnotising dog Princess

Or rather owner Krystyna.

We caught up with her this morning at the Britain's Got Talent headquarters for a one-on-one all about her Hypno dog act.

At the weekend we saw Krystyna and Princess send members of the audience as well as hosts Ant and Dec to sleep on stage.

Later, it seemed that even Simon Cowell had been left under Princess' hypnotising spell.

Chatting to us, Krystyna revealed that she had been approached to audition for BGT but insisted that the act was NOT faked or staged.

And she invited anyone who thought otherwise to come to one of her shows and try it out for themselves.

We also spoke to Krystyna about rumours she and Princess turned Ant and Dec NAKED in an unaired part of her audition, and quizzed the dog lover over reports that Hypnodog is set to enter the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Plus, watch the video to find out just why Krystyna wants to use Princess to put Prime Minister David Cameron under a spell!

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Britain's Got Talent 2015 continues next weekend on ITV.

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