Britain's Got Talent 2015: Watch Simon Cowell hypnotised by a dog!

Britain's Got Talent hypno-dog Princess takes to the stage

Simon Cowell gets hypnotised by a dog on Britain's Got Talent 2015 this weekend, but doesn't even know it.

In this preview clip from Saturday's show we see Krystyna and her hypno-dog, a German Spitz called Princess, perform their hypnosis double-act and attempt to hypnotise Simon Cowell.

However after kneeling down on stage to stare at the dog, Simon insists that 'nothing's happening'.

He returns to his seat and tells the other judges: "It's just a normal dog, a dog with a huge tongue just staring at me."

But later on during the day's auditions, Simon claims that the dog sent him to sleep.

He said earlier this year: "My job now is to buy the dog and I will rule the world

“I will put the dog on TV and it will hypnotise the whole country and I can do whatever I want!”

The dog will also bee seen hynotising hosts Ant and Dec and even members of the audience in its full act.

“It then hypnotised some members of the audience and made them think we were naked. One of them said I had a tiny willy," Dec revealed earlier this year. “Another woman said she was disgusted and will never let her children watch us on television again."

Ant added: “When the audience thought I was naked I got a thumbs up!”

Dec went on: “We had to get the woman with the dog to snap them out of it. It was the weirdest day.”

You can watch the full audition when Britain's Got Talent 2015 airs at 8PM on Saturday night on ITV.

As well as IMD, other acts this weekend include hula hooping Lisa Sampson and the IMD dance crew

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