VIDEO: Watch bizarre X Factor New Zealand controversy!

If you think the bickering on X Factor UK is bad, wait to you see what their kiwi counterparts have been getting up to!

The second series of the New Zealand version of the popular talent show is currently airing over there and the first live show wasn't short of controversy.

In a bizarre moment, X Factor panelist Natalia Kills launched into a tirade against one of the acts, accusing him of copying her husband Willy Moon, also a judge!

In what is surely an advertisement for why a married couple should never be on the judging panel together, the husband and wife team launched into an attack on the poor hopeful, whilst the two other judges watched on in disbelief.

Eventually coming to the aide of her act, former All Saints member Melanie Blatt simply made a tongue in cheek retort about how he looked better than Kills' husband before telling him that she believed in.

The incident has prompted viewers to start a Facebook group to get the 28-year-old British singer kicked off the judging panel but being so used to judge/act disputes ourselves, we can't help but wonder if it was set up?

Watch the video for yourself above!

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