Ant and Dec on how NOT to win Britain's Got Talent 2015

Ant and Dec have been giving the low down on how NOT to win over the Britain's Got Talent 2015 judges.

And it seems that unfortunately the tips are too late for some of this year's contestants.

"Don't slag off the judges before you get going," Ant suggested. "Immediately you're on the back foot."

He revealed: "Someone came out the other day and had Alesha for being rude, she hadn't even done anything!"

Dec continued: "And don't be so nervous that your tongue sticks to the top of your mouth."

"Like this!" added Ant with a rather shocking impress, which you can see in the video above.

As for what budding performers SHOULD do, Dec said: "Do turn up and be confident in what you're doing, be different and be unique."

This year Ant and Dec were the first to press their golden buzzer having been the last in 2014.

The duo confessed that they were worried about the judges - who are sat just inches from the special button - having an advantage over them.

And with their chosen act through to the live shows already, Dec said: "It's shaping up to be a really, really strong series."

Watch our full chat with BGT's Ant and Dec above!


Britain's Got Talent 2015 returns to TV in the Spring on ITV.

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