Britain's Got Talent 2015 judges: Alesha Dixon has been getting nasty!

Alesha Dixon reckons she's become the 'Nasty judge' on Britain's Got Talent 2015.

Speaking to us at auditions in London this week, Alesha revealed how she has been the first to get bored of bad acts and buzz them off the stage.

She said to those waiting in the wings at the Dominion Theatre in London today: "You've got two minutes to change your life so don't have any regrets, go for it. You've to walk on that stage fearless.

But those who don't impress shouldn't expect any love from Alesha.

She says: "I think I press my buzzer more often and quicker than any other judge, I don't have as much patience for the bad acts.

"I'm like 'Come on now', I'm always rooting for talent. We want the funny acts because that's entertaining but at the same time we want someone we can be really proud of to represent Britain's Got Talent on a global stage.."

However Alesha confessed she'd have never auditioned for the show when starting out her career, citing a lack of confidence and courage.

"That's why I have so much respect for people who step onto that stage," Alesha explained. "I think it takes real courage and I remember being 18, 19, I didn't have much confidence and I don't think I would have had the courage to do it."

Watch our full red carpet chat with Alesha above!


Britain's Got Talent 2015 starts on TV in the Spring on ITV.

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