Celebrity Big Brother 2014 contestants watch nominations... and it kicks off!

Big Brother's stirring caused a ruckus in the Celebrity Big Brother 2014 house tonight.

In the latest task, the remaining housemates split into two teams to compete head to head in a game show.

Edele, Dee, James and Ricci faced off against Audley, George, Lauren and Gary.

And the questions all focused on their time in the house, starting with nominations.

BB played some of Sunday's nominations in the Diary Room to the teams and they had to guess who the housemates were nominating, which they did with ease.

The group saw Audley nominating Dee for her treatment of Gary. Dee responded: "There's a difference to voting tactically and sticking your head up someone's a**e.... No valid reasons."

She went on to claim that she was the "better person" over Gary.

Then Edele's nominations for Lauren and Edele were shown, causing him to shout "GAMEPLAYER!"

James quipped: "I'd like to get involved but I'm not a wind up."

With tensions running high, Big Brother then decided to let the group cool down with a bit more fun game called Bad Impressions.

One member from each team had to impersonate one of their fellow housemates - past or present - to win points.

The task and fallout will air on Thursday night on Channel 5.

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