Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Ricci Guarnaccio gives Dee a lap dance... sorta

Ricci Guarnaccio gave 'White' Dee Kelly a lap dance of sorts in the Celebrity Big Brother 2014 house tonight.

It was far Dee said she wanted to go to bed at just 10PM, with Lauren Goodger calling her a "boring old f**king fart."

Earlier, the housemates had been given some 'critical' feedback by selected viewers as part of a task, and the gist for most of them was they were boring.

Edele spoke to a HUGE B*Witched fan who claimed she just “moped” around the house while Audley was told he had lost his "personality".

The pair later chose to prove just how entertaining they wee by jumping in the pool... how original.

During the task, Ricci was confronted by a caller who wanted to know "why you’re so dull, boring and just not great to watch, totally just trying to get the showmance going so you’ve a story once outside of the house.”

Dee meanwhile was blasted for “looking awful”, being told to "smile" and: “You got no make up on and you look like you’re chewing a wasp.”

CBB airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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