Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Gary Busey counsels the housemates

Gary Busey took charge of the Celebrity Big Brother 2014 housemates yesterday as he became the house Guidance Counsellor.

With Gary's connection to the spiritual world, Big Brother thought it only apt that he help out the other housemates on their path to enlightenment.

Gary's Guidance Counsellor Office was open for the one day yesterday as housemates spoke to Gary either one on one or in groups about issues in the house.

Audley, Kellie and James have some conflict therapy, which was never really going to go smooth, especially with Gary claiming that James likes conflict.

Elsewhere, Dee underwent a session of Emotional therapy on her own while Edele also had a personal session with Gary about staying positive.

Ricci and Lauren had couples therapy as did the now evicted Stephanie and George.

Stephanie told Gary: "I adore George and love him as a friend."

Watch a clip of the task above!

The full task will air in tonight's highlights show on Channel 5.

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