Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Watch Frenchy and Lauren Goodger have it out

Frenchy and Lauren Goodger had it out in the Celebrity Big Brother house in the early hours.

It followed remarks made the evening before where Frenchy had described Lauren as "f**king weak", amongst other choice phrases, after claiming that the TOWIE star had failed last week's shopping task.

Lauren confronted Frenchy to first point out that, in fact, she had not failed the task, before also attacking her attitude.

"I don't care what you gotta say to me, but when you spoke to me and said 'Shut The F**k Up', don't ever f**king talk to me like that," Lauren snapped.

She warned: "Don't think I'm the weakest in here, I ain't. That's what I am saying to you.

"One minute you're my mate and the next minute you ain't, but don't talk to me like s**t. "

The previously quiet housemate spoke up as she added: "Don't talk to me like s**t ever again, talk to me like s**t one more time and you won't ever have the chance again."

Despite an awkward make-up hug, Frenchy sniped back: "I don't need you in my life darling."

Catch all the latest CBB fallout in tonight's show on Channel 5.

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