X Factor 2014: Simon Cowell claims he'd have won with Tamera Foster

Simon Cowell reckons that the judges have been to blame for some of the poor ratings on The X Factor over the past few years.

In a chat with us in London yesterday, Simon revealed some his favourite acts from the past few series include the likes of Ella Henderson and Tamera Foster, who were both booted out before the final.

Simon even claimed he'd have won the show with Tamera had he mentored the teenager rather than Nicole Scherzinger on last year's show.

But looking to the future, Simon reckons that the talent this year is looking better than ever.

"I always say on these shows it's about the one, you've got to find that one star, and I think we've done more than that this year," he told us. "I think it's going to be a more open competition.

"When it comes to the live shows, I think you're going to see a big, big changes, there are five or six people who could win it."

Simon went on "This show is unique, the contestants, the audience, there's a craziness attached to it, it's fun and because it's got a good track record of finding stars, it's always exciting that you may find someone and you can say 'I was there' when that person was discovered."

The X Factor airs this Saturday night at 8PM on ITV