Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Leslie Jordan and Gary Busey in HUGE row!

Two American housemates clash... over CGI

A chilled out Celebrity Big Brother UK house erupted in a huge row this evening.

And it was a bizarre one, as Leslie Jordan and Gary Busey clashed over CGI special effects.

The pair appeared to get into an argument over what the correct term was, although it seemed that Leslie used the disagreement to get a few things off of his chest.

The Will and Grace star snapped at Gary: "When I want your critique I'll ask... and then I'll tell you shut the f**k up.

"You have managed to alienate every single person in this house. You act like you're this big spiritual guru but you have not exhibited one ounce of kindness to a single person."

"You're funny," replied Gary.

But Leslie wasn't laughing as he went on: "Wipe that smirk off your f**king face."

Storming out into the garden, Leslie shouted: "You better stay the f**k away from me."

He told the other housemates: "It's not funny.

"He's not exhibited one ounce of kindness or niceness to a single f**king person in this house. I gotta talk to Big Brother..."

Gary seemed to be a bit puzzled by the whole thing, with James Jordan telling the Hollywood actor: "He's so tired, he's not slept for four days."

Watch the blowout above!

Celebrity Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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