Celebrity Big Brother UK: Ricci Guarnaccio, Lauren Goodger get flirty

It seems just a day in, there could be a CBB romance blossoming already.

Geordie Shore's Ricci Guarnaccio and TOWIE's Lauren Goodger spent their first night in the house hugging and flirting as the fourteen housemates got to know one another.

At one point, Lauren encouraged Ricci to touch and feel her 'wet bum', an offer which he graciously accepted.

The flirting between the two reality stars hasn't gone unnoticed in the house, with White Dee and Claire King both remarking on the budding relationship.

But Dee quipped: "Good luck to them finding a room in here!"

Speaking before entering the house, newly single Lauren said she will NEVER have sex in the house, but is open to romance.

Ricci on the other hand was much open, admitting he would fumble under the covers if the right girl was there.

Meanwhile, Gogglebox's George Gibley spent much of his first evening getting to know Angelique Frenchy Morgan.

CBB airs nightly on Channel 5.

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