Big Brother 2014 video: Watch housemates break out of house!

Three Big Brother housemates broke out of the house last night but faced the severe consequences this morning.

A bored Helen, Ash and Winston broke out via the fire door in the bedroom after they decided to 'just do something'.

Giggling like school girls, the trio ran around the camera runs before they were herded back into the house by security.

However Big Brother had the last laugh as the housemates were given an early rude awakening with Big Brother calling the group straight to the Diary Room.

Big Brother told them: "last night, at 10:32PM, Helen, Winston and Ash, broke a fundamental rule of the Big Brother house.

"Not only did they damage the fixtures and fittings of the house, they broke out of the house.

"Housemates, this behaviour cannot go unpunished and Big Brother takes this kind of rule breaking incredibly seriously. Consequently, you will all suffer."

BB explained; "The bedroom is now out of bounds and will remain out of bounds until further noticed. The hot water has been turned off and will remain turned off until further notice. The kitchen has been stripped of all but the most basic of rations."

Big Brother told the group that the new regime will stay in place until he is satisfied that the housemates have learned their lesson to respect the rules.

Big Brother concluded: "All housemates will suffer these punishments today."

An unimpressed Ashleigh called for an apology but unsurprisingly one was not too forthcoming.

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