Big Brother 2014 video: Christopher Hall explodes at Helen Wood!

Christopher Hall absolutely went for Helen Wood in a huge argument on Big Brother 2014 in the early hours of this morning.

It followed a night of rows that all began after Big Brother's final prize fund twist, where the housemates lost all of their extra prize money.

As part of that task it was revealed to the house that Chris R Wright had secretly chosen to take the extra prize money for himself in a fake dilemma posed by BB (as did both Mark Byron and Ash Harrison).

Chris explained that he had chosen to take the money because he was 'fed up' of the other housemates going on about they would spend it - "frivolous spending" was the exact term used - after the group had informally agreed to split it up equally between them.

Helen Wood was mad but rather than Chris it was Christopher she ended up clashing with.

She claimed that Chris had 'pulled out of the pact' and was making herself and the other housemates look bad.

But Christopher defended Chris and told her: "He still would've given [the money] to every single one of us. He still would've given it to us."

Christopher declared: "I know that man, I will defend him to the f**king end."

However Helen claimed: "You're making us out to be a bunch of tramps."

"You're missing the entire point," retorted Christopher as Chris himself walked around in the background with a fag in his mouth and beer can in hand.

Once everything had calmed down, thanks in part to BB calling Helen to the Diary Room, Chris, Christopher and Ashleigh reflected on the row.

Ashleigh told Chris: "You did so well in that argument, I've never heard anyone fight a battle like that. you were spot on every time."

Back outside, the remainder of the house were also talking about the big fallout with Helen saying: "It's not the money it's how they made us look."

BB airs tonight on Channel 5.

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