Big Brother 2014: Watch it all kick off over the prize money

It's all kicked off in the Big Brother 2014 house tonight following a new prize fund twist.

Earlier tonight Ashleigh Coyle faced a tough twist that also involved the other housemates.

As part of the task, it was revealed which of the housemates had secretly decided to take the extra £15,500 in prize money the group had won over the past two days. This turned out to be just a lie from Big Brother but the housemates believed that they would actually be getting the money.

Chris, Mark and Ash had all said they would take the extra cash for themselves.

Although they each had very different explanations for why they had broken the group's earlier 'pact'.

Helen Wood moaned at Chris: "We made a group decision, you can't pull out of it. You made a f**king pact."

Meanwhile, Mark claimed that he had chosen to break the pact in order to make sure that the money really was split.

He explained his somewhat dubious reasoning: "I trusted that pact until today when we were having a conversation and I thought 'I don't think everybody would f**king split it'.

"I know I would, I know some other people would, but I wouldn't guarantee on everybody so if I've got control of it, I've got guarantee I'm going to split it."

Elsewhere, Mark Byron and Christopher Hall had an argument within an argument as they clashed over how each other was rowing.

"Who the hell are you to do that to me?" Christopher complained about Mark pointing his finger at him.

"I'm making a f**king point," Mark hit back, "Don't jump down my f**king neck."

In amongst it all, Ashleigh emerged to the Diary Room to sympathy from Helen who told her: "You were never going to get three people."

The task and fallout airs tonight from 10PM on Channel 5.

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