Big Brother 2014: Watch Biannca Lake in a chicken suit trying to make Winston Showan laugh

Here's a look at Big Brother's latest bizarre and wacky task.

Today, Helen, Mark and Wniston are competing to be named the strongest BB housemate in a new task.

But competition is not just about physical strength, they’re based on housemate strength – the attributes that make a great housemate.

In the latest round, the trio entered the Diary Room individually to test their will power. They all must try as hard as possible to fight their emotions.

Winston must NOT laugh: He was surprised in the Diary Room by former Housemate Biannca who was wearing a chicken costume, obviously.

Later, Mark must NOT cry: He will be given 15 onions that he has to cut one after another while listening to a Mariah Carey’s ‘Hero’, ‘With Out You’ and ‘ We Belong Together.’

And Helen must NOT get angry: Helen will be given cue cards to read with messages from the viewers. She must read these aloud and try not to get angry.

The task will air on tomorrow night's (Sunday's) highlights show on Channel 5.