Big Brother 2014: Watch housemates get all lovely and soppy over each other

The Big Brother 2014 housemates stopped arguing last night and instead became all loved up.

In a new task, each housemate had a card which had various questions on, including positives such as what other housemates have taught them, who they get on with the most and good traits in each other.

The cards also had some negative questions, such as what annoys the housemates about living in the house, their biggest regrets inside the house, what other housemates needed to change about themselves and who has made their experience the hardest.

Amongst the compliments given out and highlights named, Ash recalled laughing so much at he cried at Steven Goode.

Pav gushed about 'relaxed and chilled' out Ash while Winston admitted that his opinion of Ashleigh has changed the most, going from "brat" to a "really strong character".

But the housemates also had to provide some (nice) home truths, with Ash telling Helen that she needed to "stop being an arsehole" while Chris told Ashleigh she needed to be less bossy.

Helen complained about "pubes" in the house and Mark admitted he regretted getting involved in people's arguments.

Winston claimed that Pav's biggest mistake was his VT while Zoe advised Chris to be less worried about his relationship with Ashleigh.

The task will air in tonight's highlights show at 10PM on Channel 5.

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