Big Brother 2014 video: Who wins street dance battle? Watch and vote!

The result of today's Big Brother 2014 task is up to us, as the housemates compete in a street dance battle.

Earlier today, Zoe was appointed Big Brother's choreographer and instructed to split the remaining eight housemates into two dance crews.

They were:

Elite Street crew - Ash, Ashleigh, Christopher and Mark

Foot Soldier crew - Winston, Pav, Chris and Helen

Housemates were then given twelve different dance moves which they must try and recreate before assembling their moves into some sort of routine for the battle.

During the rehearsal period, Zoe spent equal amount of time with each crew helping them with their routines.

After their rehearsal period, the two crews assembled in their costumes and battled it out in a mock wrestling style ring in the living area.

You can watch the two dances above, before voting for which you think is the best on the Official Big Brother website by clicking HERE.

The crew that gets the most votes will go to a special party tonight and the losing crew will be their waiting staff serving them food and cocktails.

The task will air in Sunday night's highlights show from 9PM on Channel 5.

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