Big Brother 2014: Watch housemates beg for safety from eviction!

The 'unnominated' Big Brother 2014 housemates had to plea for safety from this week's eviction this evening.

Unknown to the group at large, Power housemate Ashleigh Coyle has built a secret Power alliance over the past 24 hours which includes Mark Byron and Chris R Wright.

They have been nominating the other housemates, having already picked Ash Harrison, Steven Goode and Pav Paul to face eviction.

Helen Wood remains immune.

This evening, the non-nominated housemates - including those in the Power Alliance, obviously - had to plea for safety from eviction.

Big Brother told the group: "Ashleigh, Chris, Christopher, Mark, Winston and Zoe are still in danger.

Big Brother wants these six housemates to beg for survival. Now.

"Big Brother wants you all to make your plea and say why you deserve to stay."

One by one, each housemate was given a set time to tell why they deserved to remain in the house to their fellow housemates.

Once all was said and done, Big Brother then warned: "Housemates, one more housemate will be nominated later. That is all."

Watch the group's pleas above and tune in to Big Brother nightly on Channel 5 for the latest highlights.

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