The Singer Takes It All starts August 1 - see Alan Carr sing in new promo!

Channel 4's new singing contest The Singer Takes It All will start on August 1, it's been confirmed.

A new promo on Channel 4 aired today showing host Alan Carr singing

The new series, a hybrid of The X Factor and a game show, will air live every Friday night.

The show will be hosted live by comedian Alan but there will be no celebrity panel of judges: For the first time ever viewers at home will take total control of a game show, becoming both judge and jury via a real-time interactive app.

Each week budding singers will perform on a moving stage while, using the ground-breaking app, us viewers at home will be handed the reins to rate performances a ‘hit’ or a ‘miss’ and see the results play out just seconds later.

Contestants will move forward and backwards along the stage depending on how popular they are with the viewers.

"I've never been involved in anything groundbreaking before," Alan said. "This app makes people at home the judge and jury, and I love that aspect of it.

"The viewers get to decide whether the singer wins or disappears backwards through the flaps to a life of misery."

Up for grabs is not a record contract, but a cash prize for the top rated singers.

The app is already available for iOS devices and an android version will soon follow.

The Singer Takes It All, starts August 1 on Channel 4.

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