Big Brother 2014: Watch things get AWKWARD with new task

Things got a tad awkward in the Big Brother 2014 house tonight with a new task.

In last night's highlights show we saw Big Brother stir things up as they exposed the likes of Danielle McMahon's past as a webcam girl.

And Big Brother continued to cause trouble again tonight, as the new Housemates were put on the spot in a game show style quiz.

Before entering the house, the three new housemates were asked questions about the current lot, such as they thought was the most bitchy and most boring.

In the task, the original housemates first had to predict who the new housemate answered with, which was confirmed with a VT.

The original housemates then had to guess whether or not they had changed their mind since entering the house.

The new housemates meanwhile had written their 'new' answers to the questions which they then had to reveal to see if the original housemates were right or wrong.

The first question was 'Which housemate is the least sincere?', which Pav answered as Kimberly because of her boyfriend on the outside... and he hasn't changed his mind since entering.

Meanwhile, Steven was branded the 'most cringe' housemate by Zoe while Biannca called Helen the most manipulative housemate when entering, but has since changed her mind to Chris.

The full task airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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