Big Brother 2014 nominations: Watch shocking twist cause rows!

Here's tonight's shocking Big Brother 2014 nominations twist which has seen one housemate saved from eviction.

As part of the shopping task, the five nominated housemates - Christopher, Chris, Marlon, Ashleigh and Jale - were called into the task room to get the chance to save themselves from eviction.

In front of each of them was a button to press. The first to press the button would save themselves from eviction. The buttons would be active for one minute and they didn't have to press the button.

Pressing the button would however mean failing the shopping task.

The five had agreed to talk about the issue before pressing the button but within two seconds, Marlon had hit his.

"How did I know that was going to happen?" Jale sighed.

"I didn't even know what happened," Ashleigh said.

Back in the main house and the other housemates watched in shock on the big screen.

"Marlon!" Steven exclaimed.

Mark reacted: "You stupid ****! He said he weren't going to press it. I'm fuming."

When the five nominated housemates return, Winston snapped at Marlon: "You're a coward an absolute coward."

Watch the task and fallout above!

Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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