Big Brother video: Toya Washington confronts Helen Wood

There was a tense talk between Toya A Washington and Helen Wood in the house yesterday.

It followed Sunday night's rows between Helen and Toya which started when Helen claimed Toya has been different with her today.

Helen then admitted she hasn’t been following Toya about, ‘with her tongue up her ar**’ as the felt she needed some space and that she has made a mistake discussing this with Toya in front of Danielle and Ashleigh.

Later, Toya followed Helen to the toilet where she tried to explain that she has been different to her today because of what she saw on the secret screen and because she feel that Helen is being led astray by the boys.

But Helen wasn't too happy with Toya's home truths, causing a few tears both on Sunday and Monday.

She said yesterday in the house: "I'm just fed up, I just feel like s**t and I'm pissed off with how it looks, I feel like how I can't be myself."

Watch Helen and Toya have a tense heart to heart in the bedroom wardrobe above...

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