Big Brother 2014 video: Matthew Davies and Toya Washington spy on housemates

Watch Matthew Davies and Toya A Washington spy on their rivals in the Big Brother house.

Power Couple Toya and Matthew were being privileged with the power to spy on their fellow Housemates via their garden Power Pod.

At the start of the day Toya and Matthew entered the Control Room and view the video profiles of the Housemates up for eviction.

Following this they were then told to make their way up to the Power Pod in the garden, where there would be a tasty lunch waiting for them.

Also in the Power Pod was a screen that allows the Power Couple to see what their Housemates are up to, as well as ear pieces allowing them to listen in on Housemates' private conversations, even when they are in the Diary Room.

Even though (as yet) it seems the pair haven't exactly heard anything interesting, they still had some opinions to share.

Matthew said of Helen: "She does not come off well at all and she's not liked in the outside world. She's so easy to dislike, so easy to dislike. She's very, very negative.

"She's got a hard face," Toya agreed.

Also under scrutiny was Mark with Matthew saying: "He doesn't come off as sincere, as he's quite camp and flamboyant , I wonder if it comes off like he's taking the mick the whole time."

Toya warned: "He needs to be careful you know."

Watch the pair in the pod above!

BB airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.