Celebrity Big Brother video: Jasmine Waltz goes mad at Lee Ryan!

Here's a first look at the return of Jasmine Waltz on Celebrity Big Brother 2014.

The evicted housemate made a comeback to the house this evening as part of this weekend's task where housemates must ignore the obvious.

Earlier this morning, Big Brother installed a giant grandfather clock in the house and told the group they must freeze whenever they hear the bell toll, no matter what is happening around them.

Housemates were only allowed to move again when they hear the second clock toll.

Confronting Lee during her return, Jasmine managed to crack Lee to talk, incurring a fail for the group in the task.

But the following showdown was probably worth the sacrifice as other housemates seemed to rather enjoy watching all the drama occurring in front of them.

"We're friends, me and Casey," Lee insisted to Jasmine. "Sorry guys. I can't do it [keep quiet]. We're affectionate as friends. We're friends."

Jasmine demanded answers: "Do you realise what you're doing? you're hurting people. I've been really, really proud of you up until last night then I saw you two in the toilet and cuddling."

But Lee repeated: "We're not doing anything, we're not doing anything. We're friends."

Jasmine warned him: "This might be a game to you but people have real feelings."

Watch a clip of the pair's row in full above!

The task will air on Sunday night's Celebrity Big Brother highlights from 9PM on Channel 5.

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