Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Jim Davidson, Linda Nolan clash in brandy-gate

Jim Davidson and Linda Nolan clashed once again in the Celebrity Big Brother 2014 house this evening.

It all started as a result of this week's shopping task, which has seen the group split into too.

To earn their shopping for the next seven days, the remaining celebrity contestants must go on an exhausting journey to the North Pole. To get there they will be travelling by husky sled.

For the task, Sam, Ollie, Jim, Linda and Liz have become the explorers leaving Lee, Casey, Luisa and Dappy to become huskies for the task.

The two groups are living separately, with the explorers enjoying life in the main house while the huskies live in the dog kennel (task room).

But there was a clash between the two groups tonight when they came together and it was revealed that Big Brother had given the explorers booze.

Linda claimed that Jim had "tried to make me look like a ****" by bringing up the alcohol after she drank it.

"Grow up, I'm not going to speak to you," he snapped back.

"You're not because you know I'm right. Don't try and mix it up and then backtrack, you're a coward," Linda told him.

Jim stormed off: "F**k this... you're an evil woman..."

Linda replied: "Grow up for God's sake, you big baby."

Watch the latest row between the pair above!

CBB airs tonight on Channel 5.

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