Celebrity Big Brother 2014 row: Lionel Blair loses it with Luisa Zissman!

It's all been kicking off in the Celebrity Big Brother 2014 house again this evening after another row broke out between the housemates.

And you'll all no doubt be unsurprised to hear that once again Luisa Zissman was at the centre of it all.

The Apprentice star found herself in yet another shouting match, this time clashing with Lionel Blair.

It followed the latest CBB shopping task results which saw the housemates fail and left with basic rations to live on for the next week.

But in addition, due to Luisa’s continuous rule breaks over the last two days throughout the duration of the task, Housemates will have no hot water, beauty products or electrical appliances until further notice.

With Luisa still continuing to disobey Big Brother's orders this evening, Lionel lost it, telling her: "You've lost a good friend now.

"You are being loud mouthed and bossy and think you can do what you like."

Luisa argued back, pointing out that Lionel had helped her to break the rules while the pair of them spent time in the 'Annoying room' yesterday.

But Lionel blasted: "You are just a selfish bitch! A selfish bitch!"

N-Dubz's Dappy stepped in to split the pair up with Ollie Locke escorting Lionel into the garden to cool down.

"She did something that affected not only me but the whole house, that's what has upset me, it's affected you, the people I like, and it's affected everyone, through selfihshness and bitchiness," he ranted to the Made In Chelsea star. "The devious, self-centered... bitch."

Meanwhile, Luisa was in the bedroom talking to Jasmine Waltz: "None of the s**t even effects Lionel. How does make up and a hairdryer effect Lionel?"

Jasmine replied: "It's just something to bitch about."

"He just likes to f**king moan," agreed Luisa.

Watch a clip of the row above and tune in to tonight's highlights on Channel 5 for all the fallout!

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