Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Another HUGE row... all thanks to Big Brother!

Another huge row rocked the Celebrity Big Brother 2014 last night as a fight erupted between almost all of the girls.

But this was all cruel Big Brother's doing... with Sam Faiers' help.

Yesterday BB called Sam to the Diary Room to give her a secret mission to test her acting skills.

Sam was tasked with secretly creating some constructed reality scenes, with Big Brother providing her with three scenarios to act out in the house.

One of them saw Sam having to cause a bit of drama between her fellow housemates which she passed with flying colours.

The TOWIE star confronted Jasmine Waltz and Luisa Zissman over comments they had apparently made about her, claiming to have heard them from Casey Batchelor.

With the whole thing being made up there was plenty of fallout, all ending in Luisa and Jasmine clashing with Casey as Sam just sat back and (secretly) enjoyed the whole thing.

For passing her task, Big Brother rewarded Sam with treats for herself and the other housemates.

Watch a clip of the row in the video clip above!

Tune in to tonight's show from 9PM on Channel 5 to see Sam's task and all of yesterday's latest house action.

Browse pictures of Sam on her task below...

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