Celebrity Big Brother 2014 video: Lee Ryan and Casey Batchelor are kissing again!

Being locked up together in a small room has seen Lee Ryan and Casey Batcherlor begin to kiss one another again.

The pair had originally started a romance in the main house, before it all went pear shaped when Lee started snogging Jasmine Waltz.

And this was all within the first week.

On Wednesday night, Lee and Casey were fake evicted and have been living in the bolt hole for the past two days, spying on their other housemates.

However it seems that the other celebs just aren't that interesting, with Lee and Casey forced to make up their own entertainment.

Yesterday evening the pair began to snog each other again after getting bored, under the guise of experimenting how both of them kissed.

"How do I kiss? Show me how I kiss," Casey begged.

Later, the pair retreated to the bathroom alone and ran the taps before getting up to something perhaps a little more intimate.

Only yesterday Casey was telling Lee that she would help him get with Jasmine.

"Well, I'll talk to her if you want. I'll say: 'We've sorted everything out. He really likes you, Jas. Do you want me to do that?" Casey said. "I'm more than happy to do that. When we go to the bedroom, I'll pull her to one side and talk to her for you.

"The last thing I want is to not have you as a friend, nothing at all.

"I will explain to her that you really like her."

CBB airs nightly on Channel 5.

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